Dance India Dance Season 4 Winner | DID 4 Grand Finale Winner

Dance India Dance a TV show aired on Zee TV Channel in India. DID Grand Finale means it is the season 4 of the show. In Dance India Dance 4 youngster of India Performs their dance on floor, after that selected by the Judges and Voted by the people. By the end of the season we get the Dance India dance Season 4 winner name. DID 4 started in August, 2013 with total contestants no of 18 who are selected from all over the big cities in India.

DID Season 4 has finally touched the Grand Finale to select the Dance india Dance Season 4 Winner. All the contestants are divided into three Judges/Teams, 6 contestants in each. Three Judges and Choreographers are Shruti Merchant, Feroz Khan and Mudassar Khan. Apart from that there is a Superstar Mithun Chakorbarty in Show who is a GrandMaster in Show. Contestant list of DID Season 4 and their Team names.

did 4 india winner

Team 2 Shruti Ke Shaandar

  • Suniketa Bhore
  • Meera Joshi
  • Vijendra Kumar
  • Sumedh Mudgalkar
  • Manan Sachdeva
  • Sristi Jain

Team 2 Mudassar Ki Mandli

  • Nidhi Patel
  • Dhiraj Bakshi
  • Shyam Yadav
  • Rishika Singh
  • Swarali Karulkar
  • Sunil Chhetri

Team 3 Firoz Ke Fauj

  • Juhi Arora
  • Chow En Li Phukan
  • Ashutosh Pawar
  • Sapna Suryavanshi
  • Biki Das
  • Arundati Garnaik

did 4 india winner

Dance India Dance Season 4 Final Contestants

DID 4 FINAL CONTESTANTS are only left 3 from the list of 18 to perform their dance and face each other in competation. Their names are Manan Sachdeva, Swarali Karulkar and Shyam Yadav. These three contestants are selected by the decision of Judges, Grandmaster and Public watching the show. This is the night today we will get the Dance india Dance 4 winner.

Dance India Dance Final Winner Name

DID 4 is a very much popular show and many of them love the show too much. They watched the show and voted for their favorite contestant; if we see the most popular and voted by public the contestant name the winner would be Swarli Karkular. But we have to accept the final decision of Judges and GrandMaster. Stay with us for the Full Details on

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3 Responses

  1. gifty says:

    i loving biki das but winner is bikidas SIR.

  2. Nisha jadhav. says:

    I love shyam yadhav….shyam win hoke hi aana

  3. Bhawana Beat Queen says:

    I love Sumedh and he is the winer 4 me!!!!

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